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MymatrixTV not working!

Hello Again, I tried posting about this two days ago. It initially appeared as though it posted, however after being unable to access the website for the past 24 hours (website down?), it now appears as though my post has gone missing... so, I'll try again. About a week ago, I experienced significant service issues. Our "go-to" addons are Exodus for movies and Specto for TV. We used to get acces to unlimited, high quality, HD links for both. A week ago, that all changed. For some unknown reason, we no longer are able to access the vast majority of movies and tv shows. We've tried using other addons too, but no such luck. In the off chance that we are able to access anything, there are only a few links to choose from and they are all low quality and seem to have buffering issues. On top of that, while an automatic "update" was occurring, I saw that most of them were showing "update failed." Thinking that maybe I missed an update, I launched the matrix update wizard. Unfortunately that didn't solve anything. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is an update coming soon that will fix this?

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Please ignore that "URL resolver message". 

I have had a number òf sites asking to pair is this normal and how do I work through this. Happening in tv and movies
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